Social Innovation

Social innovation means implementing new or existing solutions to effectively tackle a social problem. Social innovations are new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs (more effectively than alternatives) and create new social relationships or collaborations.

The business model offers new ways of collaborating, developing and financing social projects.

Social Impact Bonds is a model in which the public sector, private investors and third parties, such as NGOs, work together to tackle some of the social challenges that the public sector does not have the profits to invest in alone, such as to get socially vulnerable citizens into jobs.
  • How do we ensure that the ideas / development projects that receive grants are met with their good intentions?
  • How do we ensure knowledge and experience sharing as well as good reporting and documentation?
  • How do we ensure more cross-sector cooperation?
  • How do we ensure effective innovation and growth?
  • How do we ensure a healthy and innovative pipeline to solve society's biggest social problems?                                            

MIA Innovation DK will support social entrepreneurship and new development in the voluntary social field and create more sustainable social efforts through a structured and professional process based on extensive experience, professionalism and knowledge. We will work to capture the best ideas and get them organised under a franchise-like model that has both scaling and evaluation potential.