Informal Learning Methods

How can informal learning methods contribute to the development of the required competences, such as teamwork, problem-solving and project management?

Informal learning does not only include lectures and presentations, but interesting discussions, creative thinking and innovative methods, such as team-building activities and a special focus on cooperation.  As an example, we participated in a training on media, journalism and the art of photography. We learned everything about the right composition, how to best capture the moment, as well about computer editing and discourse. Every day we started the training by warming up team-building activities in the form of games and brainstorming , which supported our creativity and work cooperation. We discussed topics related to social exclusion, unemployment, social entrepreneurship and the problem of poverty. We tried to figure out together to how to help people who find themselves in similar situations and how to improve their life. How to become a more empathetic and active citizen. We explained the principles of proper communication, the role of social media and demonstrated illustrative communication noises (e.g. when you people do not understand), we discussed the importance of teamwork, management, how to avoid misunderstandings and work effectively towards a common aim.